Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, 3rd May 2022, Written Update: Abhimanyu goes to retrieve the lehenga

In today’s episode, Neil yells at Aarohi for losing Akshara’s lehenga and asks her how could she be so careless. Aarohi cries and he asks her not to worry as they’ll find it and asks her to recall where did she keep it last. Akshara comes and asks what happened. Aarohi tells her that her lehenga is missing. Akshara gets shocked and goes out. She recalls Manjiri giving her the lehenga and Dadi and Suwarna telling her the importance of the bridal dress and cries. 

Abhimanyu calls Akshara and tells her that he can’t wait to see her as a bride in that lehenga as even a groom’s emotions and feelings are associated with it. He tells her that they will look good in their wedding attire. Akshara cries. Aarohi comes and apologises and Neil assures them that they’ll find it. Suwarna and Dadi come and ask Aarohi how did she lose the lehenga. Manjiri shows a necklace and asks Mahima if it’s nice to give it to Akshara. Shefali tells that she’s the eldest daughter-in-law, so she deserves to get it. On the other hand, Manish scolds Aarohi and blames her for being irresponsible. Abhimanyu comes and tells that he agrees with Manish and yells at Aarohi. 

Abhimanyu asks them if they sent the bags elsewhere also. Suwarna tells that they sent it to the temple. Kairav calls the truck driver and asks if the lehenga bag is there. The driver says yes and Kairav informs them that it’s there in the temple. Abhimanyu asks Akshara to go and enjoy the rituals as he’ll go get the lehenga. Akshara asks him to take care. Shefali overhears their conversation. Mahima comes and tells that they know that the lehenga is missing. Manjiri tells Abhimanyu will come soon. Abhimanyu goes to the temple and sees Aarohi.

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