Yeh Hai Chahatein, 2nd May 2022, Written Update: Revathi sends Rudra’s coat for analysis

In today’s episode, Rudra wonders why Revathi came at that time to meet him and wonders what she might be upto. He throws his waistcoat in the water tank and goes downstairs. Preesha reaches home and tells the kids to go freshen up and greets Revathi. She tells Preesha that she came to meet Rudra. He asks her what happened and she tells him that she wants to meet up with the owner of VV securities as some of the footage was missing and Dev was there on the day of annual day. She shows Dev’s bracelet and tells it was found on the school’s terrace. 

He tells her they need solid evidence before suspecting VV securities. She tells she checked the nearest CCTV footages and found out that Dev did come to school that day and tells only these particular cameras don’t have that footage. A staff calls Rudra and he leaves. He calls up VV securities owner and tells him not to come to the city for some time and asks him to throw his sim out.

Rudra tells Revathi that the owner didn’t pick the call up. She asks for the number and tells them she will track it. Revathi learns from the plumber that Rudraksh’s waistcoat was found in the tank. She sends it to the forensic lab as she recalls him wearing the same waistcoat on the annual day. Rudra finds that his coat is missing. The maid tells him the plumber took it away. Roohi massages Rudra’s head. He dozes off and wakes up to Preesha.

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