Why Is James Corden Leaving ‘The Late Late Show’? Here’s the Late Night Host’s Real Reason

James Corden is stepping away from The Late Late Show.

James has filled the homes of late-night viewers with joy and laughter for nearly a decade, and earlier this week, he announced that the upcoming 2022-2023 season will be his last. His exit will mark the culmination of eight and a half years of hosting the show, which he was first tapped for in 2015. James briefly took time away from The Late Late Show in 2019 as he filmed the comedy musical The Prom, though this time he says he will not be returning.

In an interview with Deadline published on Thursday, the talk show host said that he had been considering the move for a while. “It’s a really hard decision to leave because I’m so immensely proud of the show,” James told the news outlet. “I’m thrilled to be extending [his contract for a year]. I always thought I’d do [the show] for five years and then leave, and then I stayed on. I’ve really been thinking about it for a long time, thinking whether there might be one more adventure.”

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Why is James Corden leaving The Late Late Show?

Later Thursday night during an episode of The Late Late Show, James addressed his live audience and the show’s at-home fans to break the news. “When I started this journey, it was always going to be just that: a journey, an adventure. I never saw [the show] as my final destination, and I never want this show to overstay its welcome in any way. I always want to love making it, and I really think in a year from now that will be a good time to move on and see what else might be out there,” he said.

He also shared with Deadline that when he ends his time at The Late Late Show that he has interest in writing. “There’s still some other things that I feel I want to do,” he said. “I’d like to try and write. There’s some [stories] I’d like to tell. I’d like to see if I’m capable of it. The fact that it’s terrifying is the reason to do it.”

Does this mean The Late Late Show is ending?

The show isn’t going anywhere for now. James fans will get to enjoy another full year of watching him host Carpool Karaoke with various celebrities and many more of his hilarious sketches.

As far as where the show will land after 2023, CBS executives have not yet specified if the show will continue on or if James will be replaced. CBS President and CEO George Cheeks said in a statement that James was extremely successful in resonating with viewers through creative risks he took with segments like Crosswalk the Musical and Carpool Karaoke. “We wish he could stay longer, but we are very proud he made CBS his American home and that this partnership will extend one more season on The Late Late Show.”

In a tweet, Ben Winston, an executive producer for The Late Late Show, alluded to his time at the show coming to an end in 2023 as well.

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“The end of an era — but not just yet. Delighted we’ve signed for another year. But it will be our last. The greatest job of our lives is coming to an end. There has been no greater joy than going to work each day with my best mate and the most talented guy in the world,” he wrote.

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