Watch Future Play a Toxic King, Drake a Sexy Messenger in New Video

Bridgerton is quaking. Future takes it back to medieval times in the music video for “Wait for U,” his song with Drake and Tems from his recently released album I Never Liked You. In the video, Future takes on the role of a “toxic king” who simply doesn’t do enough for his lover, the queen.

“You pray for my demons, girl, I got you/Every time I sip on codeine, I get vulnerable,” Future raps. (Did codeine exist back then?) “I’m knowin’ the sounds of the storm when it come/She understand I can’t take her everywhere a n— going.”

The video laces features of the rapper at a candlelit feast surrounded by women as his queen is spotted alone thinking about his lover, before she sends Future a letter with the partial quote: “I don’t findeth it funny.” She seems to know about the other ladies.

Future writes back and hands off his letter to his noble messenger: Drake. The Canadian star is seen riding a horse in the forest on his way to deliver the note, before he engages in a sword fight and saves a damsel in distress. (It’s kind of sexy. We’re not gonna lie.)

Drake then arrives at the home of Future’s queen to deliver his message. The video ends with Future and another man engaging in a duel as Future is declared victorious and his love interest opens his note, which simply reads, “I am goodeth beloved. Enjoyeth.” The note is a silly reference to that one time in 2018 when a woman leaked a text exchange between herself and Future, where he declined to see the woman and wrote back, “I’m good luv. Enjoy.” In the video, the queen understandably rolls her eyes and throws away the letter.

A narrator then says, “And that’s the tale of the toxic king. Wow, bro.”

The music video release comes a few days after Future dropped the deluxe version of his album I Never Liked You. On the expanded version are tracks “No Security” with Babyface Ray, “Stayed Down” with Young Scooter, and solo songs “Just the Beginning” and “Worst Day,” which he dropped as a one-off earlier this year. Also on it are tracks like “Like Me” with 42 Dugg and Lil Baby and “Affiliated” with Lil Durk.

“Deluxe 22,” Future captioned a photo of the new tracklist on Instagram, sharing the news of the LP’s musical additions. “#INEVERLIKEDYOU to be continued at 10am,” he teased on Twitter.

The release of the new record comes days after GQ declared him the “best rapper alive” in a cover story. “I got here through music,” Future told the outlet. “I didn’t get here for having the best interviews. Other dudes in the world can have the best speech. They can do this in one take and it’d be perfect. I just found a way to make art with words. And through that, that’s just how I live.”

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