Twinkle Khanna admits she’s ‘stuck in the quintessential Jagat Mata mode’ with Akshay Kumar, says many are ‘playing Mummy to someone else’s Raja beta’

Twinkle Khanna’s wit is second to none. The actor-turned-author has always managed to hit the bullseye with her words, especially when it comes to the emotions and experiences of women. On Sunday, she shared an article on the occasion of Mother’s Day. She spoke about how women across the globe are always playing “Mummy to someone else’s Raja beta (dear one),” a child who they did not raise, produce or adopt. She revealed that she is also “stuck in the quintessential Jagat Mata mode” with her husband Akshay Kumar, thanks to his favourite sweatshirt, which as per Twinkle is of “the colour of sticky earwax.”

Tired of picking the actor’s sweatshirt off the bathroom floor and having it washed every evening, Twinkle finally thought to strike a conversation with Akshay Kumar, which she shared on the blog:

“I asked, ‘Can you please stop wearing this?’
‘It’s very comfortable,’ he replied.
Annoyed at his stubbornness, I tried another method.
‘All right, at least tell me what you are trying to advocate legalising with this particular garment.’
‘Huh, what?’
‘It’s printed right here on your sweatshirt — Legalize it! I hope you realise that it alludes to marijuana. If the press asks you what you are trying to legalise, what will you say?’
He frowned, ‘Oh, I didn’t think about that, you tell me, what should I say?’
I replied, ‘Tell them you are trying to legalise sodomy!’
Looking at his bewildered expression, I added, ‘Oh, it’s just a fancier term for repayment of back dues’.”

“Now, I am waiting for the last laugh when a reporter finally asks him this vital question,” she continued.

As the article continued, Twinkle Khanna tried to decode how every woman can teach their son or husband to behave responsibly at home. She also laid down points on how one can work on their relationship. From Mickey Weaver’s Husbands in Training course to respecting each other’s flaws and remaining appreciative of the traits they love about each other, Twinkle touched upon points that can make men realise and correct their ‘Raja beta syndrome.’

Twinkle’s article came after Akshay Kumar remembered his mother in an Instagram post. Akshay shared picture of his mother and wrote, “वैसे तो ऐसा एक दिन नहीं जाता जब आपका ख्याल नहीं आता है, लेकिन आज सबके #MothersDay के फोटो देख कर बहुत याद आ रही है. Miss you Ma (There is no day when I do not think of you. But today, on Mother’s Day, I am missing you too much)”

Akshay’s mother Aruna Bhatia passed away last year.

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