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The Man With a Penis on His Arm

10.05pm, Channel 4

“The worst thing is when you cuddle your nan at Christmas and it hits her in the eye.” Malcolm can make light of the fact he has had a phalloplasty penis growing on his arm for the past six years, but the story behind it is hard to hear. While homeless and using drugs, his penis “fell off” in his hands because of blood poisoning. This extraordinary film follows his story, along with those of two other men with similar experiences, and asks how not having a penis has affected their relationships with masculinity. Hollie Richardson

Yorkshire Midwives on Call

8pm, BBC Two

More home truths about home births in the emotionally charged series that shadows mobile midwives in and around Bradford. Leanna, a new addition to the team, is looking after an expectant mum who has just sold her house, which could create some logistical issues. There are also preparations for a home birth in a vicarage. Graeme Virtue

Hackney days … Jay Blades: No Place Like Home.
Hackney days … Jay Blades: No Place Like Home. Photograph: Channel 5

Jay Blades: No Place Like Home

9pm, Channel 5

The Repair Shop supremo proudly shows the cameras around his childhood neighbourhood in Hackney, east London. Historical events, such as the Zeppelin air raids in the first world war and the Kray twins’ reign of terror in the 60s, are covered, but what is particularly interesting is Blades’ take on the closeness of the people who used to live in the area – and how gentrification has changed all that. Hannah Verdier


9pm, Sky Atlantic

Even when not much is happening by way of a plot, Sarah Lancashire’s charming turn as Julia Child is an addictively soothing watch. Tonight, Julia faces feminist criticism for the first time. Meanwhile, David Hyde Pierce is a hoot as her husband, Paul, presenting with a self-pitying case of man flu. HR

Life After Life

9pm, BBC Two

Thomasin McKenzie in Life After Life.
Thomasin McKenzie in Life After Life. Photograph: Sally Mais/BBC/House Productions

In a particularly heavy episode, Ursula suffers more abuse – this time at the hands of her new husband. When she is reborn (once again), she grows up managing to avoid the harmful men from her previous life. But this also means that she lives long enough to encounter another war. HR

Noughts + Crosses

10.40pm, BBC One

Amid political instability and firebombs, Callum and Sephy consider their dwindling choices. Sephy seeks out her relentlessly spiky father, while Callum is lured back into the militia as a way forward. Quieter moments – such as Cara’s perspective on raising a mixed-race child – draw out this drama’s complexity. Henry Wong

Live sport

Champions League football: Villarreal v Liverpool 7pm (kick-off 8pm), BT Sport 2. The semi-final second leg from Estadio de la Cerámica.

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