Tony Fadell talks Steve Jobs, good a-holes vs bad a-holes, and much more in new book ‘Build’

The father of the iPod, Tony Fadell is out today with his new book titled Build which includes 30 years of wisdom from his time as a creator and leader at Apple, working with Steve Jobs, and beyond. Written as a guide to “making things worth making,” Fadell’s book includes valuable advice on building everything from yourself and your career to products, teams, and businesses. Follow along for an in-depth interview where Fadell shares fascinating excerpts like what happened when Steve Jobs vacationed, what separates good assholes vs bad assholes, and much more.

Yesterday we saw an interesting look at early iPod nano prototypes from Fadell’s Build: An Unorthodox Guide to Making Things Worth Making.

Now available, the big idea Build starts with is “everyone deserves a mentor” and Fadell is extremely qualified to offer that with his 30 years of unique experience and success in Silicon Valley.

Split into five chapters, the book covers unorthodox and actionable advice on how to build yourself, career, product, business, and your team.

Tim Ferriss interviewed Fadell for almost two hours in a fantastic conversation digging into lots of valuable nuggets found in the book. One of the interesting chapters in Build is “Assholes,” here’s a clip about how Fadell sees the difference between good ones and bad ones:

Check out the full Fadell interview below which includes fascinating stories like when Steve Jobs vacationed, he would call Fadell and others sometimes 5 to 6 times per day to brainstorm, get information, and more.

Top image via Tim Ferriss

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