Tomorrow Ep 9 & 10: Kim Hee Sun & Lee Soo Hyuk’s backstory slowly unravels, Yoon Ji On clashes with his past

Ep 9 and 10 of ‘Tomorrow’ brought a fresh set of tears by involving a loving dog and a terrifying case of assault. Our favourite chaotic trio are back with some funny quips and tricks as well as wave of sadness so let’s take a look at this week’s latest episodes:- 

Trigger Warning: Mention of suicide, self harm, sexual assault. Reader’s discretion is advised. 

Episode 9 involves an adorable furry friend named Kong and his suicidal tendencies. He loved his owner, Hun but felt guilty for always being a burden in his life and had decided to run away from home when he got to know he didn’t  have much time to live. While the concept felt a little more dramatised than usual, the feelings were conveyed either way. But the best part was when the trio did a great job at expressing the little one’s feelings to Hun and he finally understood how much his pet was present in his life. 

The bond shared by the two was beautiful, as seen in the sweet montage of Hun and Kong growing up together. The last scene where Kong finally left and Goo Ryeon’s words, “There is no one as pure as an animal. In a world where no relationship has unconditional love, even that of a parent and child, an animal will spend their entire life loving you’. This episode really showed how a pet can change your life for the better and give you the ability to love freely. 

Episode 10 was heavy. It involved a double suicide risk cases- Yun Hui & Yun Jae- fraternal twins that went through a horribly dark time. Yun Hui was sexually assaulted by a medical student who went scot-free as he was deemed a ‘boy with a bright future’, coupled with victim blaming from all sides, Yun Hui, obviously, couldn’t bear the brunt of such pressure and succumbed to self harm. While she was saved, she was just a lifeless soul. Yun Jae, on the other hand, was also similar as he blamed himself for putting his sister in such a position. 

Ryung Gu could relate to the case as his mother had committed suicide when he was young as she couldn’t take the shame of being victim of gang rape. Many centuries later, another victim went through the same soul-wringing procedure but it was ten times worse because she saw her assaulter go free and people went around spreading the video without giving it a single thought. 

The episode should Ryung Gu in a different light as all his sarcastic quips came to a halt and one could see that the case was taking a toll on him until he finally broke under pressure and beat up the nonchalant and infuriating assaulter until Rowoon & Goo Ryeon intervened. They helped the twins receive their deserved justice and the rapist his deserved end. 

‘Tomorrow’ has slowly become popular due to the portrayal of the realistic issues tackled by society today. By flashing a spotlight on these issues, it allows many viewers- young and old- to be more at ease when talking about such topics at the dinner table. It won’t solve those problems but atleast shed some stigma around the idea of mental health issues. 

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