Three Actors Resign from AMMA ICC Over Vijay Babu

What Led to the Resignations?

While the Women in Cinema Collective (WCC) has publicly extended solidarity to the woman actor who lodged the complaint against Babu on 22 April, AMMA has not condemned the incident. Even AMMA’s ICC has not probed the allegations.

However, the resignations are a response to “a crime that took place right in front of our eyes,” Parvathy said.

A day after Babu held the live, on 27 April, AMMA’s ICC recommended his removal from the body’s executive committee.

Parvathy said that she resigned because AMMA “soft-peddled” the action against Babu. Meanwhile, one of the other two actors who quit told The Quint that she “resigned as a protest against AMMA’s press release.”

In a media release issued on 2 May, AMMA had stated that Babu himself decided to “stay away” from the executive committee of the body till his “innocence is proven.” The release gave the impression that AMMA did not want to take punitive action against the accused, the actors who resigned said.

“It was clear that he decided to ‘step down’ because AMMA asked him to. But in AMMA’s statement, the accused’s resignation was portrayed as voluntary,” the actor told The Quint.

The two new resignations came a day after AMMA announced Babu’s decision to step down.

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