This designer’s home in Kolkata is an opulent ode to maximalism

At a time when the idea of luxury is going through polarizing and diverse revisions, designer Vicky Jumrani’s 2,500 square feet, 3-BHK home in Kolkata evokes a modern vision of luxury that blends with the visual markers of the city, unabashedly celebrating both excess and maximalism without being cavalier in the design scheme.

“A lot of things in the house are talking points, they all have stories,” Jumrani tells AD India. “As a designer and an art lover with a diverse art collection it gave me great satisfaction in curating the art thematically and ensuring modern art and antiques co-existed.”

The same is reflected the moment you enter the house. The main door finishing is a stunning matt veneer panelling with a carved wooden metal hued handle, which is a celebration of antique artworks.

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The designer wanted to reflect his personality that was translated into muted colour palettes of grey, and taupe pops of colour through the furniture and the many wall paintings across the space. His taste is reflected in the trinkets and decor pieces displayed across the space that was carefully handpicked during his many global sojourns.

Ravi Kanade

The first impression of the space is a 38-foot-wide hand painting on a canvas pasted across the wall. Here, the artist has created a partial view of a landscape with a glimpse of an old Bengal home replete with trees, woods, and louvred windows. The separation wall or the fourth wall of the whole space has been removed from the project. The rich, bronze Armani marble on the floor runs throughout the home.

Living Room

The chic seating area with sofas in a muted bottle green colour is highlighted by a comfortable orange armchair. A host of centre and side tables finished in stone-wood enhance the overall texture and serve to enliven the space. The muted grey curtains match the sheer frames, while the floor-to-ceiling window not only offers a great sense of interaction in the living area space with natural light, but gives a sweeping view of the cityscape as well.

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