The Flash Fan Art Imagines Supergirl Battling Man of Steel Villain Faora

A new piece of fan art for 2023’s The Flash imagines what a battle between Antje Traue’s Faora and Sasha Calle’s Supergirl could look like.

A new piece of fan art for The Flash imagines a fight between Supergirl and Faora. Faora was General Zod’s right hand in 2013’s Man of Steel and was played by Antje Traue. The character was last seen in the DCEU at the end of Henry Cavill’s solo Superman movie after Colonel Hardy crashed his plane into the Black Zero, which then pulled Faora and Zod’s followers back into the Phantom Zone. Despite the character’s ultimate demise, Michael Shannon and Traue will be returning in 2023’s The Flash starring Ezra Miller.

Zod and Faora are just two of many characters returning in Miller’s first solo outing as Barry Allen. The biggest draw for many is that Michael Keaton is returning as Batman 30 years after he last donned the suit in Batman Returns. Ben Affleck is also returning as Bruce Wayne, and The Flash is said to mark the actor’s final time portraying the character. The other big character being introduced is Supergirl. Kal-El’s cousin will be played by up-and-coming actress Sasha Calle, who is also expected to reprise the role for a solo Supergirl movie.


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While an official look at Faora hasn’t been revealed by Warner Bros. just yet, a new piece of fan art from youssef_defenshi imagines what her return could look like. The art shows Faora jumping through the air at Supergirl as the two engage in battle. Check out the artist’s original post below:

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It was initially believed that Faora did not survive the crash in Man of Steel, but director Zack Snyder would later confirm that she is indeed alive and stuck inside the Phantom Zone. This means that The Flash could potentially explain how Faora escapes her prison. However, it may be easier for the movie to simply introduce a version of Faora from another universe since The Flash will fully delve into DC’s multiverse. After all, The Flash‘s Zod will have to be a different version since Superman controversially snapped his neck, unless Barry’s time-traveling antics somehow reverse Zod’s death.

While it’s unknown how big of a role Zod and Faora will play in the movie, it seems likely that both characters will come into conflict with Supergirl. Man of Steel involved Zod and his followers hunting Superman, so it seems like a logical conclusion that they would hunt down his cousin when they discover she is alive. Footage of The Flash at CinemaCon recently gave attendees their first look at Shannon’s return as Zod, so it’s possible Warner Bros. may include Zod and Faora in marketing material rather than saving their reveal for the actual movie. That being said, the first look at Faora might be a ways away, especially since The Flash was delayed to 2023.

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