Spy Bahu, 26th May 2022, Written Update: Yohan fulfills Bamba’s promise

Today’s episode begins with some goons running after Bamba. Bamba falls and Yohan witnesses him. He picks Bamba and the latter realizes he is Sejal’s husband. Yohan also recalls Bamba being the brother of Sejal. Bamba hands Yohan a blanket that Minal knitted for Sejal and asks him to give it to her without fail. Yohan sits with him on the bonnet. Yohan asks if he wishes to have ice cream. Bamba demands two ice cream cones.
 Later, Bamba asks Yohan to send him a picture of him kissing Sejal or he won’t eat anything.

Yohan agrees and drops Bamba home. Sejal reaches the Nanda mansion. She observes the Diya being blown and saves it. Veera asks Sejal what is she doing there. Sejal tells her that Ambe Maa doesn’t leave the house if you do not worship her for a day. Alisha waits for Yohan in his room. Sejal enters and asks Alisha to leave. Alisha gets raged and tries to break the frame of Ambe Maa. Sejal twists her wrist. Yohan reaches and mediates their fight. Yohan asks Sejal to sleep in the guest room. Sejal agrees thinking he will get fed up with Alisha.

Alisha tries to get intimate with Yohan but he stops her. Yohan sleeps in the bathroom. Sejal leaves to find what is there behind the secret door. She hustles in finding the right key and Abhishek arrives. He helps her unlock the door. Sejal finds nothing there except for a wire and ash. She understands bombs were kept there before. Meanwhile, Yohan finds Sejal roaming in the corridor. Sejal pretends to sleepwalk. Yohan makes her sleep in the bedroom and clads her in the blanket Bamba gave her. Sejal gets emotional seeing the blanket. Yohan remembers sending a kissing picture to Bamba. Yohan tries to click a selfie kissing Sejal.

The episode has been watched on the channel’s OTT platform.

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