Sonakshi Sinha became a star at the cost of my virginity: Pooja Mishra

Actress and Model Pooja Mishra has leveled serious allegations of a ‘sex scam’ against actor-turned-TMC politician Shatrughan Sinha on Monday. Mishra while speaking to the media alleged that Shatrughna Sinha and his wife Poonam Sinha targeted her while she was a rising star in Bollywood and conducted a ‘sex scam’ involving her after doing black magic on her.

Pooja Mishra has alleged that the Sinha family often made her unconscious and used black magic on her. “By selling my virginity, Shatrughan Sinha made his daughter Sonakshi a star who was about to become a fashion designer,” Mishra has complained. She elaborated that Shatrughan Sinha along with his wife Poonam Sinha has destroyed her career by allegedly harassing her for 17 years during her stay in Mumbai as an aspiring actress.

Pooja Mishra went on to describe how her father helped Shatrughan Sinha and his friends several times with ‘crores of rupees’ but the same people then duped her when it came to her career. According to Mishra, her father and Sinha used to be good friends once upon a time. She said that in Mumbai, Shatrughan Sinha’s wife Poonam Sinha brainwashed her father by telling him that only prostitutes work in Bollywood, and that notion kept her away from entering the industry.

Furthermore, she said that when her father retired in 2005 and moved to Pune, by then the Sinha couple had started suppressing her in Mumbai. According to Pooja Mishra, this happened when she was staying in the guest house of Videocon and the Sinha couple, who lived in the vicinity used to perform ‘black magic’ on her. Accusing the Sinhas of stealing 35 of her films, she said that ‘he (Shatrughan Sinha) was afraid that I might become more popular than him’.

Mishra further elaborated, “The Sinha family is greedy and demonic. They used to forcefully enter my house and steal my sponsors. When I once went to wish Shatrughan Sinha on his birthday with candles, Poonam Sinha did black magic on me by feeding me something. From 2007 to 2014, I lived in my family apartment in Lokhandwala and the Sinha family lived above. When I used to come from Singapore after shopping, these people used to sneak into my house and steal my things.” She said that stuff brought by her was given to Sonakshi Sinha who used to wear them during photoshoots.

Mishra has also claimed that the Sinha family apparently got her media calls terminated. “By selling my virginity, Shatrughan Sinha made his daughter Sonakshi a star,” she alleged. She said, “I didn’t get married because of Shatrughan Sinha. Shatrughan Sinha took advantage of me many times by feeding me drugs. If anyone is to be blamed for my unsuccessful career, it would be only him.”

Who is Pooja Mishra?

Mishra is a Video Jockey, actress, and model. She is known for her appearance as a contestant in Bigg Boss season 5. Apart from participating in multiple reality TV shows, she has featured in a couple of C-grade movies including the 2016 multilingual film Amma and ‘Dreamz: The Movie’ in 2013.

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