Shah Rukh Khan finally confirms Nayanthara as his co-star in Atlee’s film

There has been a lot of speculation about Nayanthara playing Shah Rukh Khan’s co-star in the movie Jawan ever since it was revealed. Shah Rukh Khan’s first pan-India project is Jawan, which is helmed by Atlee. The actor teased the movie earlier this year, and his fans were excited by the first visual. Shah Rukh and Atlee later joined director Vignesh Shivan at Nayanthara’s wedding, sort of confirming that the actress will appear alongside SRK in Atlee’s multilingual film. The creators didn’t issue any public statements, though. Nayanthara will be starring in the movie, Shah Rukh announced on Saturday. Shah Rukh discussed Jawan on an Instagram LIVE. There is Nayanthara ji in it, he said without giving many other specifics.

According to, Shah Rukh also said, “Too early to say. There is still a long way to go. There is not much I can tell you about Jawan except the fact that I am having a great time as an actor. And Atlee, the director, it is a different kind of film. Everybody has seen his work. He makes outstanding mass-oriented films, again a genre I have never done. So, I wanted to try my hands on it. And I think me and Atlee have good chemistry. I bring in some (to the film), he brings in some. Whatever we have done of Jawan is thrilling and exciting.”

In the 30 mins of the live session, Shah Rukh Khan shared several insights and updates about his professional and personal life. The actor confirmed that the shoot of Pathaan is completed and currently, the film is in the post-production stage. He further added that if the audience like Pathaan, then the film can turn into a franchise. SRK said, “I hope you guys like the film, we all have worked and are working really hard on it. If you guys love Pathaan, there will be Pathaan 2 too perhaps.” Khan further added that he always wanted to star in a film like Pathaan.

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