Shaan on hosting Mika Di Vohti: ‘I have saved many marriages, do counselling’

Shaan, better known for his evergreen romantic numbers, is all set to host upcoming reality show, Mika Di Vohti. The Swayamvar will have him guiding his close friend in finding a life partner. Shaan, who has hosted several talent-based reality shows before and has mentored singers on many of them, is nervous about Mika’s swayamvar because he is aware that it is not just a show but a matter of two people’s lives. But with a keen interest in relationships and a habit of giving unsolicited advice to his friends, Shaan claims he is the right person to take on the responsibility. Also read: Shaan warns young singers to not sell their soul to music companies: Don’t become slave to the system

In a candid chat with Hindustan Times, Shaan shares his understanding of relationships and also the mantra behind a successful marriage. He vouches for Mika’s seriousness in finding a match on the show and also lists the advice he would like to share with his ‘bhai’. Excerpts from the interview:

You are turning host for a swayamwar this time.

I have done dancing, hosting and other things before but this is very different from what I have done. I would have wondered why I have been chosen to host a swayamwar show but when I learnt about my brother Mika finding a bride, I was like, ‘why I would remain behind in helping him’. I know him better than others, I have spent a lot of time with him, done films and reality shows with him. He hosted my last birthday party at his house.

He has an image of the one wearing sunglasses, chains and talking in a heavy voice with an attitude. But there are many things that he has kept hidden behind his dark shades. I know those secrets. I am also very interested in human interactions, relationships. Mika is not very expressive so I will help the girls getting to know his unseen side. I also have bit of an experience which I can use in helping him find his life partner.

I have a keen interest in relationships and also give unsolicited advice to friends on any topic. I have saved many marriages, also do counselling. Let’s see if I can counsel people or I will be the one who would need counselling. I will do with all my heart because this is not just a show but also about someone’s life.

Looking at the history of earlier swyamwars, do you think Mika will be the first one to actually tie the knot and have a happily ever after on the show?

I am not sure about how serious the earlier celebrities were or were they looking at it just to gain popularity. At this point in life, Mika doesn’t need something like this for popularity. Whenever we meet, even during our last meeting, he expressed his wish to settle down. I know he is serious.

What advice would you give Mika in order to help him find a bride?

During school days, we used to fill in scrapbook about what girl we want in life. We would write, ‘she should have good sense of humour etc’. I just want to advise him to be open. You get a positive vibration when you meet someone, that chemistry, you cannot explain it in words. If he is developing a connection with someone, he should pay attention to that.

When I met Radhika (Shaan’s wife), I didn’t know we would have such a beautiful married life together. Something clicked between us. I liked her honesty, she is what she is. If she is upset, she will be upset, one has to deal with it. I can only say that one must not focus only on ticking certain boxes, and marry the one who ticks all boxes.

Is there something you would advise Mika not to do in order to find a partner?

We have had our fights at times. But he knows that I have nothing against him and he too doesn’t have anything against me. We have now become such fast friends that I have even taken the responsibility of his wedding. He is bit impulsive and has to be patient, the girl should also have patience with him. No two people are alike in this world, so if you want something, you will have to compromise. If you get several things and don’t get a few, it should be okay. If you want something so perfect, you will need a robot.

How does your wife react to your stardom and female fan following?

We waited for four years before tying the knot. I never did anything to make her feel uncomfortable but her friends used to say, ‘these film people are very over-friendly, today they are here, tomorrow they are there’. She comes from a joint family background. I was her first boyfriend and six years older to her, so they didn’t think that we would last. I also didn’t have such hopes because we were very different from each other. But by the end of four years, everything was sorted.

The situations we witnessed in those four years will arise back to back on the show. It’s all about the wavelength. Finally it will not depend on who is the best girl, it will all depend on who is the best one for Mika. Even later, they may say that he is not like the way they thought he was, we are ready for all aspects. I just want to cushion the fall. The girl should also not feel hurt.

I am a bit nervous about how will I able to do it. My wife will join me from time to time to ensure that I am going right as well as Mika.

What do you think is the mantra for a successful married life?

The only mantra is — no matter what happens, the thought of living without each other shouldn’t hit your mind. There should not be an option like it is better to separate. The concept of giving space during this time is a very dangerous concept. We don’t have such concept. We have similar aesthetics, tastes and energy levels. We cry on the same issue and laugh on the same topic. We know we make a very good couple. When you give a certain value to your relationship, you know it is forever and you will automatically be in your limits.


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