Robin & Superboy Fanart is the Super Sons Return that Fans Demand

Readers who miss Superboy and Robin’s time as the Super Sons need to see an amazing piece of fan art that brings fans back to a beloved time in comics

The Super Sons partnership that saw Robin working with Superboy was a fan-favorite team-up that unfortunately wasn’t built to last in DC Comics. A new piece of fan art is rekindling fans’ desire for a return of the adventures of Jon Kent and Damian Wayne.

The idea of Batman’s and Superman’s offspring teaming up is actually older than a lot of fans may think. The original Super Sons, as they were known, consisted of hypothetical children of the Man of Steel and the Dark Knight. While the new generation of the World’s Finest weren’t actually real, the idea was periodically revisited over the years and became eventually became a canon team-up. The Rebirth series Super Sons captured the hearts of fans who loved how well Superboy and Robin complimented each other. Sadly ,the two have grown apart in the last several years, and they don’t quite team up like they used to.


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But just because Jon’s protecting the Earth as Superman and Damian’s traveling the world doesn’t mean fans won’t stop holding a candle for a return of the Super Sons. Artist Gabriel Larragán posted a piece on Twitter with the message “here are the children.” Larragán’s work showed a smiling Superboy suspended in the air above a crouching Robin. The piece expertly shows off both boys’ personalities with Damian committed to investigating while Jon stares off into the distance. Despite a few modifications to their costumes, the art undoubtedly portrays the heart of what Super Sons was all about. Two unlikely sides coming together in a friendship similar to their fathers.

Users went crazy for Larragán’s piece which racked up thousands of likes and close to a thousand retweets. Fans expressed admiration for the artist’s style, who they felt fit the tone of the previous Super Sons series. But amid the deserved compliments for the art, some fans expressed a disappointment for how short Jon and Damian’s comic was. Larragán’s work highlighted how radical a change the boys have been through in the last several years and how some readers are desperate to revisit the bygone era.

Nostalgia is a funny thing. Fans can become so tied to a particular period of time, that they may regard it as “better” than anything that comes after. And it isn’t to say that things haven’t been a bit tumultuous for the two in the last several years. Jon was aged up and is now the world’s Superman while Damian briefly quit his position as Robin after a stressful series of events. It’s natural that fans who aren’t on board with the current directions look a back on a more simpler time when presented with art that so eloquently captures what they previously loved. While Robin and Superboy’s time as the Super Sons is over, their spirit lives on in the hearts and fan art of fans like Gabriel Larragán.

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Source: Gabriel Larragán

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