Rithvik Dhanjani’s Mother Created His Profile on Matrimonial Site: ‘Her Only Wish In Life Is To See Me Married’

Have you had instances in your life when your parents would just not stop persuading you to get married, or would slyly pass pictures of potential matches if you are single? Or maybe asking to ‘take matters forward’ with your girlfriend or your boyfriend? The pressure that most people in their 20s and 30s get from parents to get married in not new to any of us. Yes, there are some lucky ones who do not face this persuasion, but most would be able to relate how every conversation with parents, especially moms, would eventually take a turn and get stuck on the topic of ‘wedding’! Mind you, this is something that even our favourite celebs are not immune from. In an exclusive interview with us, actor Rithvik Dhanjani reveals how his mother has been quite insistent to get him married. In fact, she has also apparently taken some drastic steps.

When we asked the actor if he has ever faced pressure of marriage from his parents, Rithvik was quick to say an emphatic ‘yeah’. He added, “It’s every day, EVERY day! My mum’s only and only wish in life is to get me married, and after that get my sister married.”

In fact, his mother might even have created his profile on a matrimonial site! Ritvik revealed, “Abhi we were in my hometown and my elder sister, who has come from Indore, asked, ‘Sonu (Rithvik’s pet name), humne tujhe ek matrimonial site pe dekha, tu shaadi karne wala hai? (We saw your profile on a matrimonial site, are you ready to get married?)’. I was like ‘What am I doing on a matrimonial site?’ She was like ‘Nahi, we saw your picture and it mentioned that we are looking for a ‘bahu’ for the boy’. I asked my younger sister and she just looked at my mom. I asked my mom, and she denied.”

The horror was evident as Rithvik added, “Nobody wants to agree to it, and I don’t even know if there’s a profile, or what’s there on the profile because my mom doesn’t know how to use the internet. If she has ever created a profile, I am dead! Because I don’t know what she would write (on that about me).”

And Rithvik’s problems is super relatable to most who are not yet ready to be married. Speaking about the topic of marriage, Ritvik added, “Main bohot thak gaya hoon (I’m really tired now). I want to send my mom on a vacation every month so that I have to spend less time with my mom talking about ‘this matter’. It’s every day.”

Relatable much? Well, moms are just moms afterall! Ritvik Dhanjani was seen in a short film about arranged marriages. Called ‘Arranged’, the film starred Tridha Chaudhary as well, and released on Amazon MiniTV.

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