Return Ticket

This is a fable about a lad Kunal who endeavours indefatigably to win his mother’s endearment but is stunned and shocked to know a fiendish truth that he is a by-product of gangrape of his mother 3 decades ago and his face resembles one of the critters. So, he is now spruced up to take revenge against the savages who are now white colour biggies pf nation. And they remain assured that having no traces of a crime of yore can never stop them. Here onwards, a blood-shedding crusade incepts versus the feudal system to tear Kunal and his family apart but despite all, Kunal and family’s reluctance draws them towards their victory which trembles the biggies. The story has a conclusion that crime never pays even occurred eon back and above all, love heals even the stale lesion.

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