Purab Kohli reveals he stopped doing work during run-up to Jal. Says ‘people forgot who I was’

During an exclusive interview with IndiaToday.in, Purab Kohli spoke about the failure of his film Jal and how people forgot him after he stopped doing work for a while.

Purab Kohli

Purab Kohli reveals he stopped doing work during run-up to Jal.

Purab Kohli has spent nearly two decades in the Hindi film industry. And like most of the actors, Purab has been through his own share of ups and downs. Recently, in an exclusive interview with IndiaToday.in, the actor, whose project London Files was released on Voot, spoke about the high and low moments of his Bollywood journey. Going down memory lane, Purab Kohli recalled the time when one of his films, Jal, flopped at the box office.


Reflecting upon the highs and lows of his career, Purab told IndiaToday.in, “I think highs are when there are successes, but the lows are not only failures, lows are also when you feel beaten. Sometimes failures also charge you up. It is not like failures are only the low points.”

Talking about how the failure of Jal charged him to do more work, Purab further added, “I remember I did a film called Jal. The run up to Jal and during the release of Jal, I was so charged up. I thought it was going to change everything and it was going to be a super hit. And when Jal didn’t go anywhere, and it flopped, there was, of course, disappointment, but I felt the charge to come back and try and find new ground.


As he continued to chat with us, Purab Kohli revealed that at one point of time, people even forgot who he was. “I had stopped doing work in the run up to Jal. People had forgotten who I was. I had done Rock On before Jal. Everybody knew Rock On, but they forgot who this guy was. And then suddenly realisation dawned upon me when Jal was released. Suddenly, I got this charge and I came back to Bombay. I got a few big jobs -Airlift, POW, and I started doing more work again. So that was a very high point for me. Lows are when you feel beaten. But low points for me are when I do four projects back-to-back,” Purab said, and signed off.

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