Pokemon Fan Artist Draws More Pokemon in the Style of Lilo and Stitch

It’s been well-established that the Pokemon fandom is one of the most artistically creative fanbases of just about anything in the world. This is regularly proven by the numerous Pokemon fan art creations that create enough buzz to make article headlines, including this one. While the attention of the internet may be fleeting, one fan is currently managing to hold it with their impressive Pokemon drawings done in the style of Disney classic Lilo and Stitch.


Known by the user handle of u/Troytheartboy, the Pokemon fan first made headlines a few weeks ago for their incredibly creative series of drawings showcasing a variety of Pokemon drawn in the style of Lilo and Stitch. The artwork included popular characters like Charmander, Sandslash, and Cyndaquil with features resembling the franchise’s experiments, such as the titular Stitch or TV series fan-favorite Reuben.

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Roughly a month or so later, u/Troytheartboy is back with an all-new series of Pokemon drawn in the same Lilo and Stitch art style. As with the previous batch, each one of the Pokemon has been restyled with experiment-like features. One of the most noticeable differences is the eyes, which replaces the respective characters’ eyeballs with glossy all-black almond-shaped ones. The overall edges of the Pokemon’s designs have been softened, with appendages, for lack of a better descriptor, “stubbified.” A few examples are included below, and those interested can click here to check out the rest of them.

The fresh batch of Pokemon fan art is clearly a hit with fans, garnering hundreds of like within hours of posting. While Pokemon fan art is aplenty, some of that art is coming from some well-known sources. Mike Mignola, known as the creator of the famous Hellboy comics, has drawn some Pokemon of his own in the signature Hellboy art style. Essentially doing the inverse of the Lilo and Stitch-style drawings, Mignola gives Scyther and Omastar a more jagged, demonized look fitting for the Dark Horse Comics series.

While virtually nobody would think of Pokemon together with either Lilo and Stitch or Hellboy, there seems to be something intrinsically interesting in seeing what well-known characters from one franchise would look like in the art style of another. Several months ago, one Super Smash Bros. fan went viral for their artwork of nearly the entire Super Smash Bros. Ultimate roster in a Family Guy art style. The artwork includes several Pokemon, which subjectively vary from hilarious to creepy.

Whether it’s a random Pokemon fan using another franchise’s art style, another franchise’s artist drawing in their own style, or a unique Pokemon art creation all its own, the Pokemon fandom continues to cement its artistic dominance in pop culture.

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