Pics: Tollywood Actress In Shocking Bikini

Pics: Tollywood Actress In Shocking Bikini

Actresses many time say that one needs a lot of confidence to wear a two-piece bikini and pose in front of the camera.

Their concern is not about the boldness but the measurements of the body to fit in a bikini without giving an odd look. 

Yes, Poonam Bajwa gained that confidence. Many times she used to hide her body beneath the water or a draper though she wore a swimwear of bikini. 

But now she opened up herself and projected her body in the surprising black bikini. A thong to her bottom and a brasserie as the top makes her look like a damsel underwater. 

Poonam Bajwa has been entertaining her fans for free with her insta pics. In fact, she has a lot in her to rule the screen with her glam and acting skills. Keep rocking Poonam.

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