People Are Sharing Their Megalophobia Moments, And Here Are 130 Pics That Creeped Them Out (New Pics)

People can be afraid of many things, from darkness to spiders, to you name it. Some of these fears are totally irrational, others come from our childhoods and creep in well into our adult lives. One of such bizarre fears is megalophobia.

Think of large objects like huge cruise ships, animals, skyscrapers, underwater structures, and even statues. Now imagine how’d they look if they were bigger. If the thought of it makes your hair stand on your arm, you may also have some traits of megalophobia.

And this subreddit named r/Megalophobia puts a test on your fear of large objects because it offers one hell of a collection. “A place to post images of all things large, particularly ones that are “triggers” for those with megalophobia,” says their description and 430k devoted members are nodding their heads. Scroll down and upvote the most triggering images below!

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