Parineeti Chopra Didn’t Always Play Stereotypical Bollywood Heroine, Check Out Her Unique Roles

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In recent years, Parineeti Chopra has chosen films in which her character has a strong presence in the plot and a lot of depth. Not every film in which she has been a part has been a success, but what makes her content is that her life experiences are helping her evolve as an actor and driving her to take risks in her professional sphere with films like Saina, The Girl On The Train, and Sandeep Aur Pinky Faraar. She is also enthusiastic about the types of jobs that are being offered to actresses these days, as well as the fact that they no longer have to follow a formula to be successful in the industry.

“I feel like there used to be a blueprint for a Bollywood heroine, which I think has gone away,” the actress adds, adding, “I think now actresses are not distinct in terms of the material they provide viewers. So, whether you’re a man or female actress, if you’re not doing anything engaging or have a character with depth, odds are the audience will reject you. I, too, have worked on projects where there wasn’t much for me to do in terms of the role I portrayed. Today’s audience demands depth, which is why girls are receiving roles where we can shoulder films rather than merely be extras.”

Parineeti, like the current generation of actresses, prefers to immerse herself in every role she performs, which takes a great deal of work on her side as well as a great deal of emotional energy. She has, however, mastered the skill of finding a work-life balance. She adores and enjoys her work, but she is not obsessed with it. Arjun Kapoor, her co-star, and close friend vouch for it. In an interview, he remarked of her, “Parineeti is not your normal film-viewing, obsessed-with-cinema sort of a person, and yet she still has an intriguing way of playing people. She has her family, a small group of close friends, and her own world, and perhaps her seclusion or separate existence helps her to thrive.”

When you bring this up with Parineeti, she adds, “Arjun is 100 percent correct; that’s why he’s been my buddy for so long. He is quite familiar with me. If I were to compare myself to somebody who grew up in Mumbai, perhaps even in the film business, it would be a very different set-up. Their family and friends are local, but mine are not. I come from a different background, and my friends, interests, hobbies, and passions are all non-filmi. I didn’t grow up watching movies, so when I’m not acting, I’m doing something unrelated to movies. I’m either traveling or spending time with my family and friends.”


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