New book, Techno Worlds, explores genre’s influence on art, pop culture, more

A new book exploring the influence of techno music on various elements of popular culture is set to be published next month.

The 300-page paperback book, called ‘Techno Worlds’, is based on the Goethe-Institut exhibition of the same name, and looks at techno’s connection with modern art, technology, personal identity and approaches to clubbing. It includes a number of images, including 80 illustrations, and written contributions from the likes of DeForrest Brown Jr., Alva Noto, Chicks On Speed and Ryoji Ikeda. Detroit visual artist Abdul Qadim Haqq is one of the figures to contribute art to the project.

The exhibition itself was curated by German musicians Mathilde Weh and Justin Hoffmann, together with Berlin’s Creamcake collective. It debuted in Budapest in August last year, and will travel to Montreal this month.

It’s also set for stops in Houston, New York, Boston and Los Angeles before the end of this year. Next year, people in Mexico City, Montevideo, São Paulo and Warsaw will get the chance to see it first hand.

Pre-order ‘Techno Worlds’ ahead of its 22nd June publish date here, and find out about the exhibition here.

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