Neighbour’s Complaint About Loud Music Goes Viral, Rings Doorbell To Say “I Want To Party Too”

Neighbour’s Complaint About Loud Music Goes Viral, Rings Doorbell To Say “I Want To Party Too”

The video has been over 5.1 million times.

A man rang his neighbour’s doorbell in order to express his feelings about not being invited to the previous night’s party. Normally tenants would face a dressing down over excessive noise, however, this neighbour’s surprising plea and their convivial exchange have received millions of views on Twitter.

“Last night I threw a Small kickback and this is what my neighbour had to say about it this morning,” read the caption of the post shared by Jessie Pearson. 

In the video, the neighbour can be seen ringing the doorbell and asking: “You were doing something last night right?” “I was just going to say you know, you guys got loud as s*** last night and normally I wouldn’t make it a problem but next time invite your f****** neighbour dude. I want to party too,” he added. 

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Answering the doorbell virtually, the resident then burst into laughter. He promised the man a drink next time. In the clip, the neighbour can even be heard revealing that he “almost came over” and he also debated to “leave a note”. 

After realising that the interaction was a friendly one, the pair then shared apartment details as the host apologised for the loud music. The neighbour then replied saying: “feel free to come hit me up,” adding that he’ll come back to leave his details.

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Since shared, internet users have hailed the neighbour’s unique request. “Brilliant. This is reverse psychology. Now the homeowner won’t have a party so they won’t invite their weird neighbour. I’ll do this to my noisy neighbour,” wrote one user. “Technically it’s a win-win situation. The party does not get too loud (you can sleep) or you get invited,” added second. A third user even said, “He’s gonna be very offended when he doesn’t get invited to the next party.”

The video has been over 5.1 million times and garnered over 350,000 likes on social media. 

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