Naomi Campbell comes out in support of Kate Moss for standing up with Johnny Depp in Amber Heard trial

Naomi Campbell is on Kate Moss’ side. Following her time on the stand, Kate Moss was praised by supermodel Naomi Campbell for sticking up for the truth and clearing up the incident that had been a looming question on every mind due to Amber Heard’s testimony that mentioned Kate Moss and Johnny Depp allegedly pushing her down the stairs.

Kate Moss, in her video testimony, came on board the high profile defamation case of Depp vs Heard and debunked Heard’s claims. For those not strictly on the tail of the highly publicised case, Heard while giving her testimony on the stand narrated an alleged incident with her sister Whitney, herself and Depp where she claims that Depp tried to push Whitney off the stairs in the midst of a heated argument. The point in question was when Heard alluded while narrating the alleged incident that Depp had previously pushed his romantic partner off the stairs, therefore, implying that he was a violent person and justifying her own act of violence against her then-husband.

In the light of the matter, the model took to Instagram on Wednesday and complimented her pal Kate Moss for sticking up for her ex-partner Johnny Depp on her story. Campbell wrote, as per Page Six, “YES WAGON TELL IT !! @ katemossagency,” using her gal pal’s nickname as she attached the caption with the screengrab of an article that quoted the model’s testimony from the trial in which she denied all claims that suggest Depp had pushed her down the flight of stairs.

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