Naagin 6, May 1, Written Episode: Pratha Saves Rishabh

Naagin 6 May 1 Episode Written Update: The episode starts with Rishabh and Seema praying inside the temple as the latter asks him to begin the Parikrama. Seema pretends to collapse and asks Rishabh to bring some water from the nearby well as she is feeling weakness. As Rishabh goes to fetch the water Seema calls on her phone and tells someone to kill Rishabh as he has left the temple from the back door. Seema who is also the Maha Asur then declares today Rishabh’s death certificate is guaranteed. Check out these stills from the latest episode:Also Read – Naagin 6, April 30, Written Episode: Seema Gujral is Maha Asur, Says ‘Mein Rishabh Ko Maardungi’

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Pratha Pledges to Save Rishabh!

While Pratha and Mehek are wondering how to get inside the temple to save Rishabh, two snakes enter the temple arena. Pratha calls it a sign of Lord Shiva’s way of telling the way. While Rishabh goes to get water for Seema he can’t find any well, suddenly some goons arrive in a van and kidnap him. After reaching the temple’s backside area Mehek disappears so that Seema can’t see her. Suddenly Seema appears in front of Pratha and tries to remove her Sindoor the latter’s forehead starts bleeding. Pratha tells Seema Lord Shiva is protecting her husband and she won’t let anything happen to Rishabh. Also Read – Tejasswi Prakash, Karan Kundrra Share Mushy Pictures, TejRan Fans Hail Their Chemistry And Say, ‘Aise Photos Muh Pe Marte Rehna Humare’

Shesh Naagin Kills The Kidnappers!

Maha Asur comes to a dark cave where hounds have been howling and a lady is singing lullaby to a doll baby inside the cave jail whom Seema warns not to sing anymore. Maha Asur snatches the doll from the woman while she pleads not to kill her baby. Maha Asur breaks the doll and says your baby is already dead. As the abductors are about to kill Rishabh, Pratha appears and snatches the gun. Mehek transforms into her Naagin form and causes an earthquake. Rishabh falls and gets hit by a stone as he faints. Pratha too turns into Shesh Naagin and kills the kidnappers.

Rishabh Asks Pratha to go Away!

After gaining consciousness Rishabh asks Pratha to go far away along with Seema. He confesses how much cares for her and loves his mother. He tells Pratha, “I do whatever my mother asks me to as she has raised me. If anything happens to her I won’t be able to forgive myself.” Pratha tells Rishabh the next day she will present a collage of his childhood pictures to Seema on her birthday. Check out this still from the episode:

Mehek Spies Maha Asur!

Later, Mehek reveals to Pratha that she had followed Maha Asur secretly when she went to the cave. She tells the Shesh Naagin that while she couldn’t enter the cave due to dogs at the entrance, she could hear a woman singing a lullaby. Pratha wants Mehek to take her to the gufa. They also enter a store room and collect some old pictures. As the two reach the cave it is revealed that the woman is Rishabh’s real mother. Pratha tells her that her son is safe and wants to meet her.

Pratha Reveals The Dark Secret!

At the party, Seema tries to kill Rishabh by convincing him to get an injection which is actually poisonous. However,  Pratha cleverly saves him. Pratha shows Seema the collage of old pictures which also has Rishabh’s childhood picture with his real mother. Maha Asur is shocked and wonders how they got the pics. As Rishabh and Pratha groove to Ek Hasina Thi Ek Deewana Tha Rishabh’s real mother enters.

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