Mother’s Day 2022 EXCLUSIVE: Nisha Rawal reveals how she will be celebrating the day with her son Kavish

With Mother’s Day around the corner, Nisha Rawal reveals how she will be celebrating the day with her son Kavish. “I believe in a lot of hugging, cuddling, making memories, reading stories and investing in experiences, more than materialistic stuff. So for me, spending a good day with Kavish will be taking him out, lounging on the sofa, reading a nice story, ordering some books for him. I am a complete book person, and so is Kavish,” says Nisha.

She adds that a lot of memories can be made over books. “I’ll be taking him out to his favourite play area too, mostly like a trampoline park, which he has been going crazy over these days. Then cut a nice cake and get some balloons too, because we both love balloons. I’ll make sure I do all of those things, and just those smaller things that we all crave for,” shares Nisha.

On the personal front, the mother-son duo have gone through a hard time recently. Nisha says challenges always make one stronger. “I am only grateful that in spite of having those kinds of challenges – that superpower or the supreme power that we call, for whoever believes in it, I do – I feel that I was just given that strength and the courage to face it with dignity and to go through with it. You know taking care of my child, where I have to strike a balance because that’s most important. In moments like these, you lose your balance and before you know you have reached the bottom of a hill. But at least I am happy and grateful that I could do all of it. Kavish never misses his online class or any of his activities,” informs Nisha. 

The actress also has an important message for all the mothers on the big day. “I would just like to say, make sure you make tons of memories, because these little hands and little feet are going to grow up soon. Just make sure you spend a lot of time with your kids, because when you give them your time, you have given them a part of your lives that you cannot take back. Those moments that you write in each other’s hearts are very valuable and will never fade with time,” Nisha concludes. 

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