Moon Knight & Mandalorian Finally Fight In Hilarious Crossover Fan Art

New Moon Knight & The Mandalorian crossover fan art imagines the battle between Oscar Isaac’s Marvel hero and Pedro Pascal’s Star Wars bounty hunter.

Oscar Isaac’s Moon Knight and Pedro Pascal’s Mandalorian finally get a chance to fight in hilarious crossover fan art. Isaac’s Marvel hero first made his debut on March 30 with the premiere of the Disney+ series Moon Knight, which is now just days away from its thrilling conclusion. The show follows Steven Grant and Marc Spector, a museum worker and mercenary, respectively, who share a body due to Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) and serve the Egyptian god Khonshu as his avatar, allowing them to become the titular superhero.

During press for Moon Knight, Isaac was asked whether his Marvel hero would beat his close friend Pascal’s Din Djarin, protagonist of the Star Wars series The Mandalorian. Isaac answered without hesitation that Moon Knight would beat the armored bounty hunter, even going so far as to add that Pascal’s opinion was irrelevant because “you can’t argue facts.” Pascal was given a chance to rebut during a red carpet interview for his latest film, The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent, where he insisted that Moon Knight could only beat his Mandalorian at Scrabble, “but not a fight.” With the pair of friends remaining steadfast in their faith of their heroes, it’s been difficult to determine what the outcome would truly be.


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Now, fan art by @kenobiwanx imagines what the fight between Moon Knight and Mando would really look like. The comic shows Din and Moon Knight answering questions in a similar set up to that of an interview, as Isaac’s hero insists he could beat Pascal’s, who in turn challenges the Marvel character to prove it. Din is seen beating Marc pretty easily until Steven shows up in his Mr. Knight suit and jumps in alongside Marc to bring Din down together. At the end of it all, Marc and Din are seen with action figures of themselves, with Marc victoriously holding up his Mr. Knight action figure while Din insists he’s not allowed to “get another doll.” See the fun and hilarious take in the fan art below:

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The piece does an excellent job of weaving both Marc and Steven into the fight, as well as incorporating Isaac’s and Pascal’s real-life closeness in a way that makes sense for each character. Given how Marc and Steven’s relationship have developed following Moon Knight episode 5, it would be likely to see an outcome such as this, where they would find a way to team up against the beskar warrior. They could be powerful enough together to take him on – at least until Din’s foundling Grogu shows up and puts them in their place with the Force for trying to hurt his father.

Fights are certainly ahead for Marc going into the Moon Knight season finale, something the creative team on the show has already tease. With so many twists and turns in both episodes 4 & 5, the final episode has a lot of ground to cover, which will likely be accomplished in a very suspenseful way. Footage from a teaser has already shown a match-up between Moon Knight and Arthur Harrow (Ethan Hawke) in an epic supernatural battle. Still, based on where episode 5 left Marc and Steven, there’s still quite a bit of explaining to do for them to become suited up again for Moon Knight‘s highly anticipated finale.

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Source: @kenobiwanx/Twitter

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