“Men, DO THIS”: Bartender Warns Woman About A Suspicious Guy, Inspires Others To Share Similar Stories (35 Stories)

Bartenders can be some of the most perceptive people out there. They can read the room and they can definitely notice when someone doesn’t have the best of intentions towards some of the other guests. In short, they have the power to be everyday heroes and protect their customers from men with dubious intentions.

Case in point, New Yorker Laura Motta shared a simple but very effective way how a bartender kept her safe from a potentially dangerous guy sitting at the bar. Her tweet immediately went viral, getting nearly 800k likes on the social media platform, and inspiring others to share similar stories.

People opened up about how they were protected or protected others themselves, whether in bars, on the street, or elsewhere. We’ve collected the most powerful stories. Scroll down to read them, Pandas. And if you want to open up about the times someone kept you from harm or you saved someone in need, you can tell us all about it in the comments.

More info: Twitter | LauraMotta.com

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