Meena Kandasamy’s kids decided to ‘gatecrash Zoom meeting’. Watch the video

Funny moments during official Zoom meetings never fail to spread cheer online. While many activities have resumed after a dip in Covid-19 cases, many still prefer working online.

And working from home comes with its own set of difficulties as one’s family, especially children, have their own things to do. Sharing a glimpse of a gender studies conference in Patna Women’s College on Zoom, writer Dr Meena Kandasamy has left netizens elated.

“This happened a few weeks ago. Gender studies conference, Patna Women’s College, I was doing the Q&A, my kids decided to gatecrash the Zoom meeting. 🙂 sharing the embarrassing but entertaining video,” tweeted Kandasamy.

In the clip shared by Kandasamy on Twitter, the moderator is heard asking her to take up the last question. “It’s up to you. If you are willing to answer the questions, it’s okay. But, since you look tired, that’s why I am saying, we can take the last question,” the moderator says.

Watch the video here:

Interrupted by happenings at home, Kandasamy says, “I will take the last question.” She is also heard saying to her children, “Eyy, kutty, one minute da” and switches back to attending the meeting. Later, she pauses and leaves the chair to look for her children.

Meanwhile, the moderator is seen smiling and after Kandasamy comes back she asks the writer to include her children as well. Two little boys come in front of the screen with wide grins on their faces. One of them asks the moderator’s name. When Kandasamy asks them if they will go so she can work, one of the kids adamantly says, “No, will not”.

Amused by the kids, the moderator asks, “Do you want to say something and add to the intersection?” One of the kids enters the bed and keeps jumping while the other one talks out loud. Kandasamy is seen trying to move the kids.

The two-day international virtual conference on “Intersections of Gender: Texts and Contexts” organised by Patna Women’s College was held on April 26 and 27. The conference was aimed at pondering over different intersections of gender and analysing those on the basis of privilege, deprivation and indifference, according to the college website.

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