Malaika Arora on Arjun Kapoor’s style: I am a neutral colour person, but Arjun likes experimenting a lot – Exclusive! | Hindi Movie News

Malaika Arora walked the ramp for designer Asra Syed at the Bombay Times Fashion Week in Mumbai. ETimes caught up with her and speaking about the collection she said, “When I had to do the fittings, I had the option to choose from various colours, but I somehow opted for this, because it’s not the conventional red. It’s a very different shade and I love the work and the silhouette. It caught my eye instantly.”

We asked what kind of outfits Malaika prefered for herself and her soulmate and she replied, “I am all for love and soulmates. I am happy that I have my soulmate in my life. In terms of outfits, I think we still have to figure it out, because our tastes are very different. We will figure out our outfits in due time, right now we’re just happy being soulmates.”

Speaking about how she would choose to style her son Arhaan, Malaika said, “Forget getting him dressed, I would start with a haircut. That’s my biggest concern, we can deal with the clothes later. I keep trying to get Arhaan into a white t-shirt and blue jeans and thankfully he likes that. Every now and then, I tend to interfere and dress him up and he’s sweet about it and lets me do it.” She felt dressing up her younger sister Amrita won’t be as easy. She said, “Amrita thinks she’s the ultimate when it comes to fashion sense. Whatever knowledge I have of fashion I have learnt from her. I will give credit where it’s due. She’s been very instrumental in my choices and outlook towards fashion. Of course, we both have our individual sense of style, but Amrita is someone who has always been an influencer. She’s very aware. When I was a VJ, Amrita used to design a lot of my clothes and put them together. If I had to dress her up, it might be tough because she has a problem with almost everything. But I have always liked her in a suit. She always looks amazing in a nicely cut and tailored suit.”

We asked Malaika to choose a piece from Asra Syed’s collection for Arjun Kapoor and she revealed, “I haven’t gone through Asra’s entire collection for men, but Arjun is very experimental and in fact, he opts for a lot of colours. If you ask me, I’d probably tell him to tone it down. I’m more of a neutral colour person, but he likes experimenting a lot. Maybe I will choose a nice blue creation for him. It will look fab on Arjun.” While talking about the quick timeline in which Asra’s collection was put together, Malaika added, “Our designers should give lots of credit to their karigars. It’s they who work tirelessly and without their efforts these collections cannot be created in such short times. We put a lot of pressure on them and they deliver every single time.”

Fans have been suggesting that Malaika’s family, the Aroras have the potential to have a show like Kardashians do in the West. Reacting to this suggestion, Malaika said, “Chalo abb sab bol rahe hai toh aisa show kar hi lete hai. When the Aroras get together, let me tell you, it’s no less than a show. It’s hysterical because someone is screaming, someone is shouting, laughing, getting upset and everything just happens at the same time. I think we Aroras are quite entertaining that way.”

Malaika has often been trolled by netizens for her bold fashion choices. Reacting to the ever present scrutiny on social media, she said, “That is part and parcel of our lives. It comes with the career and if you’re not okay with it, don’t be part of the world. Making your private life public comes with the territory of being a celebrity. You just have to learn to deal with it.” Finally, we asked her when will the fans be seeing her in another iconic dance number like Chaiyya Chaiyya and Munni Badnam Hui and she said, “You’ll see me in a dance number soon. I’m looking forward to it and I am sure the audience will love it, too.”

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