Maala Parvathi resigns from AMMA’s internal complaints committee following inaction against Vijay Babu

Actress Maala Parvathi has resigned from AMMA’s (Association of Malayalam Movie Artists) internal complaints committee in protest against the association’s inaction against rape accused Vijay Babu.

Vijay Babu, a member of the executive committee of AMMA, has offered to step down from the post. AMMA’s executive committee has accepted Babu’s decision.

However, Maala Parvathi has resigned from the internal complaints committee as she thinks AMMA’s decision doesn’t give the right message to society as the rape accused who revealed the name of the survivor was not ousted because of disciplinary action but stepped down on his own accord.

The internal complaints committee was recently constituted in AMMA following Supreme Court’s order and pressure from WCC. Shwetha Menon is the chairman of the committee. Other members of ICC include Kukku Parameshwaran, Maala, Rachana Narayanankutty and Anagha.

Following her resignation, Maala Parvathi told reporters that “the message given by AMMA to society doesn’t seem right. ICC is an autonomous body. It’s not under the executive committee. It is difficult to accept the press release by AMMA as a member of ICC.”

She also said it was totally unacceptable on the part of Vijay Babu to name the survivor on his FB live when the law clearly says that you can’t reveal the name of the rape survivor in public.

Maala added that “ICC is also there to recommend sensitive policy formation to make sure the association is gender sensitive, and has zero tolerance towards sexual assaulters. So we don’t need to get an official complaint”.

Maala Parvathi also said that following AMMA’s inaction against the rape accused, ICC chairman Shwetha Menon, and another member Kukku Parameshwaran might resign from the committee.

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