Lock Upp: Kangana Ranaut schools Anjali Arora after she reveals about attempting suicide; says, “Ye ek bahut hi kamzor aur coward insaan ka kaam hota hai”

The latest judgement day on Lock Upp was a day of big revelations that left everyone shocked. Amongst the ones who came out about their secrets was Anjali Arora, who disclosed about attempting suicide when she was in 11th grade.

Anjali Arora was saved from the eliminations by Kangana Ranaut. After being saved, she chose to share her secret which had been troubling her for the last few days. Anjali revealed that she attempted suicide by consuming phenyl when she was in 11th standard. She shared that it was after her brother caught her lounging at a hookah bar.

Anjali revealed that she went to the lounge because her tuition class got postponed. While she was at the lounge, her brother’s friend who happened to be there informed him. Anjali further shared that her brother reached the lounge and slapped her in front of everyone. She added that she apologised to him and pleaded that he doesn’t tell their father. However, he didn’t listen and told him. After this, her father grounded her and said that she won’t even be allowed to continue with her studies. As she went on, Anjali told that she drank phenyl and locked herself up in the room for almost an hour. Later, her brother broke the door, got her treated and took care of her. She added that after this incident her mother, father and brother apologised to her for treating her that way.

After listening to this, Kangana Ranaut shared about having a similar experience. She talked about having to deal with cousins who tried to tell her what to wear and what not to. She added that she even had disagreements with him over such things. Continuing, Kangana schooled Anjali and said that her experience is sending out the wrong word to society.

Kangana gave her word of advice and shared that most people who attempt suicide end up regretting it. However, there are very few who are able to get over the moment ever in life. “Ye jo aapne kaam kiya tha bahut hi galat kaam kiya tha. Ye jo aapko lag raha hai ki mummy ko akal aa gayi, bhai ko papa ko akal aa gayi, ye sahi soch nahi hai. Is tarah ka passive domination kayi baccho mein dikhayi deta hai (What you have done is something really wrong. Feeling that your family has learnt a lesson by this is something wrong to believe in. And this type of passive domination is seen in many kids),” she said. She further said that this kind of passive domination is practised by many kids but it isn’t the right kind of behaviour.

Kangana Ranaut “Ye jo suicide ka khayal hai ye sabko aata hai. Jab hum chote hote hai humein koi cheez deny karte hai, frock deny karte hain…hum bag pack karke…maine to 8 saal ki umar mein bag pack kar liya tha ki merko ghar chodd ke jana hai. Kayi baar humein lagta hai ki humein marr jana hai, lekin to act upon this thing is very wrong. Aap kabhi bhi hero nahi maane jaoge kabhi bhi aisa karoge to. Ye ek bahut hi kamzor aur coward jo insaan hota hai ye usi ka hi kaam hai. To Anjali kabhi bhi is cheez ko entertain mat kariye (Having suicidal thoughts is something that many people have. Every person gets offensive and has such thoughts of suicide and eloping when denied anything at home at a young age. I’d packed my bags at the age of 8. But there’s nothing heroic about such things. Only a weak and coward person acts in this manner. And, you must not entertain this behaviour/ thoughts).”

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