Lock Upp Fame Anjali Arora Admits to Feeling ‘Romantically’ for Munawar Faruqui; His Reply

Anjali Arora has once again confessed her feelings for her Lock Upp co-contestant Munawar Faruqui despite her mother’s advice to stay away from the stand-up comedian. During the Judgement Day episode, a media trial took place, where a few reporters asked questions to contestants. Radio host Siddharth Kannan confronted Anjali and Munawar about their feelings for each other.

Siddharth asked Munawar and Anjali, “Did you feel romantically towards each other?” Munawar instantly said, “No… never, because I think practical.” However, Anjali said, “Yes I felt.” Even host Kangana Ranaut took a sly jibe at Munawar, and said, “Munawar bas leta hai… deta nahi hai (Munawar only takes but never gives).” Siddharth further asked Anjali, “Did you suppress that feeling?” To which, Anjali said, “yes,” before adding, “I have a life outside.”

A few days back, when Anjali’s mother had come to Lock Upp as part of a family episode, she told her daughter that she must not trust anyone in the jail as everyone is there to play the game. Anjali asked, “Not even Munawar?”, and her mother replied, “No one. Do not trust anyone.”

When Munawar came to meet her, Anjali’s mom told him that he was doing well and they look good as friends together. However, after he left, she told Anjali, “Usse thoda doori bana ke rakh. Teri sari voting usko ja rahi hai (Stay away from Munawar, all your fans are voting for him).” Anjali was shocked but did not say anything.

Anjali’s mom also told her that people are editing videos to make it look like she said ‘I Love You’ to Munawar on the show. Anjali said that no such thing ever happened. They also told Munawar about it later. Anjali’s mom then said, “Stay as good friends, that looks good. Just beware, some unintentional narrative may be seen outside if you go overboard.”

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