Legends of Tomorrow Showrunner Addresses Cliffhanger Ending Following Cancellation

Keto Shimizu, co-showrunner of Legends of Tomorrow, addressed the show’s cliffhanger ending in light of its cancellation.

After it was announced that Legends wouldn’t be returning for an eighth season, Shimizu was among the cast and crew of the Arrowverse series to give a heartfelt goodbye. When asked about the show’s seventh (and now final) season’s cliffhanger ending, she answered, “The cliffhanger isn’t the CW’s fault. It’s mine. I played chicken with the pickup, and lost. Hopefully the story can continue in another form. TV movie? Comic book? Radio play?”

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In the seventh season finale, “Knocked Down, Knocked Up,” the Legends traveled to France in 1916 to save Dr. Gwyn Davies’s love, Alun Thomas, from dying in World War I. Standing in their way is Mike, a “fixer” stationed at Mametz Wood to ensure history remains unaltered. When he learns that the paradoxical nature of his mission means his job is essentially pointless, Mike steals the Waverider to go confront his superiors about it. After the Legends succeed in saving Alun, Mike and the Waverider return, along with a group of soldiers who arrest Mike (now announcing himself as Booster Gold) and the Legends for blatantly ignoring the rules of time travel. Amidst all of this, Sara Lance learns that, thanks to her alien DNA, she’s now pregnant by her wife, Ava Sharpe.

First airing in 2016, Legends was a spinoff of both Arrow and The Flash and the third series in the then-budding Arrowverse. The show followed a motley assemblage of heroes and villains from both shows as they formed an unlikely team to protect the timestream from the villainous Vandal Savage. While the first two seasons of Legends were met with mixed reviews, the show became more well-received as it went on, with the creative team embracing a more oddball, comedic sensibility. Legends would go on to run for seven seasons and 110 episodes before being cancelled.

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Shortly before the cancellation was confirmed, it was also announced that another CW superhero series, Batwoman, wouldn’t be moving forward. Currently, the only Arrowverse series with a confirmed future are The Flash, which has been renewed for a ninth season, and Superman & Lois, which has been renewed for a third. Nothing has been confirmed regarding Naomi and Stargirl, two other series that are tangentially related to the Arrowverse.

It was previously reported that The CW was developing another Arrowverse series: Justice U, which will follow bodyguard-turned-vigilante John Diggle as he recruits and trains the next generation of superheroes. Michael Narducci and Zoanne Clack are attached as writers and executive producers of the project, with star David Ramsey set to direct the pilot if it gets ordered.

All seven seasons of Legends of Tomorrow are available to stream on Netflix.

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