Zee TV show Kumkum Bhagya by Balaji Telefilms has seen quite a lot of drama happening in the last few weeks. The show never fails to impress the audience with its exciting twists and turns. According to the storyline, Rhea gets angry and alleges that Prachi hired Nick and got herself attacked to get gain Ranbir’s attention. However, when her plan failed, she got herself kidnapped by Nick who tried to get rid of her.

Rhea claims that she even got Ranbir shot. Prachi gets furious and slaps Rhea for lying. Aaliya gets angry and warns Prachi. The latter feels betrayed due to Ranbeer’s lack of support. Rhea gives Prachi a seven-day ultimatum to leave the house, but Prachi declares that she is Ranbeer’s rightful wife and will not leave.

Now, in the coming episode, Aaliya and Rhea discuss about Prachi’s warning. Soon, Aaliya suggests a new plan to Rhea wherein she thinks of planning an attack on Rhea and blames Prachi for the same. She informs Rhea that post she gets injured the police will be called and Prachi will get arrested. This plan makes Rhea happy and the two join hands.

OMG! Will Rhea succeed in her plan?

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