Kumkum Bhagya, 26th May 2022, Written Update: Ranbir and Prachi reunite at hospital

In today’s episode, Ranbir goes to Prachi’s ward and she gets happy seeing him. He shows her the mangalsutra and tells he knows how much it means to her because it means a lot to him as well. He ties the mangalsutra around her. The doctor comes and asks Ranbir why is he here since he should go home and rest. Prachi also insists he go home and sleep as he needs to rest. Ranbir goes and tells the doctor to tell his family to keep him for 2 more days. The doctor agrees and then tells his family that he needs to be kept for more tests. 

Vikram agrees and then tells everyone that they should meet Prachi before they leave. Aaliya tells Ranbir to go to his ward and not be out. He leaves. Vikram goes and talks to Prachi. She gets happy and then got surprised learning that Ranbir is still not discharged. She thanks Rhea for saving her life and Pallavi starts taunting her. Vikram tells he’ll visit her tomorrow as people are making it worse for him to have a basic conversation with her. They leave but Prachi stops Rhea and thanks her. 

Rhea tells her that she didn’t do it because she’s her sister but did as any other human would do the same. She tells that Ranbir is still between them and leaves. Later, Ranbir convinces the receptionist and the doctor to shift him to the doom right next to Prachi as he will feel safe and peaceful. He convinces them and they agree. Pallavi sees Ranbir walking and asks the doctor where’s he going. The doctor lies to her that he’s going for a lab test. She asks him not to lie and he confesses that he just wanted to shift next to Prachi so he can be happy. Pallavi gets angry.

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