Jamshedpur Tarapore School initiates ‘No Books Day’: When learning is fun

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Jamshedpur, April 30:  In an innovative move, Tarapore School initiated the concept, ‘No Books Day’ which is planned as a monthly event. The concept, akin to the adage, ‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy,’ a day without books yet learning through various activities was introduced on Friday, April 29.

The monthly ‘No Books Day’ will be conducted to involve students in various innovative projects that will enable them to learn syllabus subjects as also topics beyond the prescribed texts. The first No Books Day was organised on Friday, April 29 which is also celebrated as international dance Day. The first day of  No Books Day featured several activities that were divided in class-wise format.

The Kindergarten children were taught about costumes for different dance forms. Teachers showed them different costumes for different dances like ballets, hip-hop, Bhangra and Garba. The kids then designed costumes and footwear using tear and paste work, sand and mirror use.

Students of Stds I and II created colourful jewellery designs and using ice cream sticks and paper created various types of dolls. They were taught basic steps of Bharat Natyam, the classical Indian dance form, by teachers. The students were also involved in activities that taught them about functions of sense organs and improve pronunciation of different words.

Stds III to V students came dressed in traditional Garba and Bhangra costumes and after being taught the basic steps, they performed the dances in brilliant collage of colours. They also learnt how to make Saka and Gregorian calendars, Japanese multiplication and performed activities to strengthen their concepts of nouns.

While the students of Std VI made a beam balance and clock and learnt about the concept of measurement those of Std VII, made bright collages on different dance forms and discussed how the geographical features of places and countries played important hands on concepts of dance forms. An almost identical subject pertaining to dances as in the case of Std VII students, their Std VIII counterparts depicted dance forms and costumes through palm painting. The students of this class also made puppets depicting various characters of stories included in the course syllabus designed to enable them to understand and narrate those stories.  

Std IX  students learnt the process of kite making and on completion, flew their kites with messages for their loved ones. Std X students were taught to create websites of their own. Students pursuing Economics brushed up their marketing skills by making various articles from waste products and advertising their products for marketing. These activities were designed in a manner to make them understand the nuances of business concepts.

Science students of Std. XII learnt about the various types of unit cells like SSC, BCC and FCC by making models with plastic balls and using these with a ruler to determine the relationship between edge length and radius of an atom, rank of an atom and its position. The commerce stram students of Std XII participated in a project on Finance Management. These students were given a hypothetical amount for capital investment and multiply the amount within three years. They were provided various options to identify the best possible capital investment area and then had to explain the pros and cons of their choices. Students opting for Humanities Segment of Std XII, made collages of dance forms chosen by them and did research on countries of origins and transformation of these forms through the years. They also taught the basic steps of their chosen dance forms to their peers.

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