Ira Khan shares what helped her anxiety; Fans jump into the comment section with suggestions

Aamir Khan’s daughter Ira Khan has shared what has helped with her anxiety. Despite her not having any Bollywood debut plans yet, Ira is quite popular and enjoys a huge following on social media. The star kid often shares life updates on Instagram, and actively advocates for mental health. Doing so, she also openly shares her struggles with bad mental health. Recently, she had opened up about struggling with anxiety attacks. And now, she has shared what has helped her manage them.

A few moments back, Ira took to her Instagram space and shared a mirror selfie in which she can be seen donning a pair of comfortable pyjamas. In the caption she wrote using body scrub while showering after her attack helped her soothe herself. She continued, “Why I think the body scrub helped me is because it made for a heightened tactile (sense organs – touch) experience. My mind shifted focus to feeling the coarse scrub on my body. I was told you’re supposed to put oil after you use a scrub. So then I did that. Then got into those super soft pyjamas from the photo. Then put a face mask. Result: I managed to fall asleep on Sunday night.”

Ira further stated that she doesn’t know if it will help her every time but that she will be increasing tactile experiences in her daily life. 

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Fans and followers showered Ira with love and support in the comments section. They also added their suggestions on how to deal with anxiety attacks. One user wrote, “When you feel anxious, sit down at the floor level. Feel the floor with your palms. Keep your breathing mindful by slowly and deeply inhaling till count of five….hold for 3 seconds….exhale with five counts. Next step Name three sounds you hear. Focus visually on one abstract object in your surroundings Finally, move three parts of your body — your ankle, fingers, or arm. This can help center your mind, bringing you back to the present moment Hope this helps.”

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