Imlie, 24th June 2022, Written Update: Kairi befriends Jyoti

Today’s episode begins with Aryan tellin Jyoti that he doesn’t spare anyone and leaves to meet Madhav. Jyoti gets tensed. Imlie eavesdrops on their conversation. She thinks how she will know Jyoti’s next move. Gudiya asks Kairi to bring coconut water for her. Imlie gets an idea on how to expose Jyoti. Kairi brings coconut water and Jyoti asks if that is for her. Kairi drinks that and tells her how she is tired serving Imlie’s relatives. Kairi tells Jyoti that she wishes to work for her. Jyoti thinks she can use her to kill Madhav.

Aryan reaches Madhav’s flat. He is shocked to see his flat on fire. He runs to help Madhav and his mother. Meanwhile, Harry recalls how Jyoti asked him to set Madhav’s house on fire. Harry calls police and lets them know that Aryan set Madhav’s house on fire. Kairi brings coconut water for Jyoti and requests to befriend her. Kairi hides a voice recorder. Jyoti offers her wine. Kairi throws it in a plant pot and pretends to be drinking wine. 

Harry asks Kairi to leave the room as she wishes to talk to Jyoti. Aryan’s lawyer calls Imlie and tells her that he is arrested in an attempt to kill Madhav. Imlie asks him to handle the situation. She gets adamant on punishing Jyoti. She reaches the police station as Kairi. She walks towards Aryan’s cell. She asks Aryan the reason of him being arrested. Aryan lets her know that Imlie and he are having confusion. To sort out the confusion, he went to meet Madhav. Kairi feels good that he respects her.

This episode has been watched on the channel’s OTT platform.

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