I would actually put these vintage comic book & videogame mashups on my wall

Old comic book covers paired with videogames is a very specific aesthetic niche, but it’s one that former Rockstar Games artist Mark Scicluna has pulled off brilliantly. There’s so much general nerd art out there these days, I have to admit I’m sick of the usual pop art interpretations of Star Wars or Final Fantasy. The world does not need another Boba Fett helmet done in Andy Warhol’s style. But Scicluna’s art broke through my mashup fatigue with pitch perfect reinterpretations of vintage comics, paired with games that lend themselves surprisingly well to the style.

Scicluna has a gallery on his website dedicated to these videogame X comic book mashups, with even more on Twitter that haven’t made it to the site yet. The better news, if you dig the style, is that he has prints of the covers on sale at Redbubble.

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