Guy “Speaks Up” About These 9 Businesses He Hates With A Passion, Explaining The Reasons In Hilarious Ways

People often have preferences when it comes to brands or companies and even if they don’t, at least they know what they don’t like and where they wouldn’t go because maybe they had a bad experience or they weren’t satisfied with the product or service.

Twitter user @itszaeok has quite a few of them and decided to pour his heart into this thread, giving the reasons why he has beef with certain companies. His humor and accurate remarks were quite amusing and the thread got over 111k likes. People joined him and used his format of expressing opinions to give their own thoughts about companies they get annoyed with.

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Twitter user Zae came to Twitter to vent about companies that have done him wrong and people loved it

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Twitter user Zae is a part-time public relations student, full-time Twitter user and he has over 112k people following him on this platform. Bored Panda reached out to Zae and we got to know that he started using Twitter when he was only 12. He was tweeting about his favorite TV shows, music artists and pop culture and continues to do the same now.

His platform started growing around 2020 during the pandemic and he noticed that people liked his “commentary on the Black Lives Matter movement and how businesses, celebrities and political figures were responding to it.”

As Zae has been on Twitter for so long, he has had quite a few posts go viral, such as “y’all love rebellions and revolutions until black people do it” and the thread that went viral the most recently was about him having beef with certain companies.

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Zae shared this thread after realizing that there are quite a few companies he had beef with when it came up in personal conversations

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The tweet that most people agreed with, which is evident from the amount of likes it got, was the Chili’s one in which Zae mentioned that he saw rats there and the waiter didn’t believe him. Also, he felt the waters gaslighted him, but the worst was the rats.

Zae told us that “Chili’s definitely had a defense campaign going. Perhaps I should have viewed the rat fight I saw as part of the charm of Chili’s. I can’t lie, I was kinda enjoying the food before the rodent royale ensued.”

Only half as many people agreed with his Applebee’s opinion. Zae compared it to Shein if it was a restaurant and he would rather starve than go eat there. Another thing that the Twitter user was dissatisfied with was the range.

Another more peculiar company Zae has beef with is the Washington D.C. police department. His problem with them lies in an incident on a choir trip that he doesn’t go into more detail about. But the not getting to pet the cute bomb dogs can be relatable to quite a lot of people.

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Even though Zae’s tweets regularly go viral, this one was special because it included his personal experiences that struck a chord in people’s hearts

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Zae said that he often tweets about his personal life so the thread isn’t something out of the ordinary in his content in which he vents. He also told us that he really has beef with all those companies.

The thread actually has a backstory. Zae was helping his aunt with moving and was “trying to get her internet service transferred over from one location to another 15 minutes down the road.” It wasn’t as simple as it sounded and the Twitter user told us “It took 6 accumulative hours on the phone with reps, two visits to our local store, and me crying twice, like, it was so insane.”

Then, while talking to a friend, Zae remembered that he had another frustrating experience with Autozone, who sold him an expensive part to his car that he didn’t need, which led to remembering other horror stories with companies they had to deal with. Eventually he started making a list and shared it with the internet.

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They especially agreed with the Chili’s tweet as it got the most likes in the thread

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The thread blew up and even though it is not unusual for that to happen on Zae’s Twitter, he was pleasantly surprised. He told us, “this one was a little different because it was all of stories / personal experiences of mine so it was really validating to see people agree with me! I was like ‘oh okay, so these companies DO suck, it’s not just me!?’”

While Zae’s thread was quite entertaining and a lot of people agreed with his points, other Twitter users started sharing their own beef with companies using the same format. They mentioned companies like Skittles, Netflix and McDonald’s, complaining about the things they could do better. The Twitter user loved seeing those responses: “We all really have been done dirty at some point and it was fun to find humor in those moments that, at the time, felt like defeats.”

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He was also surprised to see companies having the courage to get involved in the conversation

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Not only regular people responded, but some companies as well. We asked Zae what his reaction was when he saw those tweets and he shared his feelings: “I was shocked by the nerve of some companies. We were dragging everyone, so to enter the gauntlet like that was bold and while I respect it, I was not afraid to share my experiences. Burger King in particular entering those replies was audacious. If I had to choose between Burger King and eating nothing, I would have sleep for dinner and perhaps a shower for dessert. I did give my stamp of approval to Popeyes but I offered to be bribed with their Popeyes x Megan Thee Stallion merch and they did not reply.”

Although Zae confessed that he had fun scrolling through the comments, “It was like I was the Simon Cowell of a Better Business Bureau competition and I took my responsibilities seriously.”

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Image credits: itszaeok

Do you agree with Zae’s observations and do you share similar experiences with him? Which other companies or businesses do you have beef with? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

Even though there were some people who didn’t agree with Zae, most of them were amused by the thread and shared their own beef with some companies

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