Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin, 2nd May 2022, Written Update: Sai makes a grand entry

In today’s episode, Rajeev enters with his baarat in a car and the Chavans welcome him by performing his aarti. Shivani gets excited and tells that Rajeev has arrived so she wants to go see him but Mansi stops her and tells she can’t see him right now. Virat wonders where Sai is and wonders if she indeed gave up like he asked her to and thinks that he wants her to convince him as he also doesn’t want to let go of their relationship. The lights and the music stop playing and Mohit asks what happened. Sai speaks through the mic and tells she switched off the music. 

Everyone search for her but can’t see her. The lights come back and kids run towards Virat. They ask him if he’s Virat and he tells yes. They offer him roses. He takes it from them and they run around him and then run away. Sai tells she wants to tell something to Virat in her own way. Then, so many drummers and girls do Lavani dance wearing nauvari sarees. 

Everyone gets amazed and then Sai enters in a Paithani attire as a bride, playing the drum and Virat stands stunned. Virat takes the drum from her and starts playing it and she dances. She slips but Virat holds her and they both have a moment. Pakhi looks at them and gets jealous. Virat asks her what she wants to tell. Sai tells she didn’t know the meaning of phere as she was married off unwillingly but now she understands what a marriage is and tells him that his wife has finally fallen in love with her husband. Virat gets shocked.

This episode has been watched on the channel’s OTT platform.

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