Gary Oldman Might Retire After ‘Slow Horses’

While a second season has already been filmed and more are being planned, Oldman thinks the spy series might ultimately be his last project.

Gary Oldman has played plenty of spies before, but his turn as Jackson Lamb on Apple TV+ still marks a first for him. The show is Oldman’s first serious television endeavor, and the longtime movie star certainly seems to be enjoying the medium.

In a new interview with Deadline, Oldman emphasized that he had a blast starring in the adaptation of Mick Herron’s spy novel, comparing the role to the classic crime shows that he grew up watching on television. The actor always thought the stars of those shows were enjoying themselves, and now he understands why.

“I always thought that Peter Falk was having fun, you know, when I used to watch ‘Columbo.’ I thought he’s having a good time,” Oldman said. “I’m very grateful and lucky, I think, for the opportunity to be able to be in something and I think be in something with this much pedigree, so it seemed right.”

A second season, titled “Dead Lions,” has already been filmed, and Oldman is open to adapting more of Herron’s Jackson Lamb novels in the future. But the actor is not making many plans beyond that, and said that the end of the series may mark the end of his acting career.

“It’s up to all the big people upstairs and the audience and obviously the viewership and what Apple what they say. But, yeah, I could see myself playing Jackson for the next how many years,” he said. “Absolutely. I mean, for those that love the books and that were Mick Herron devotees as it were, he is already an iconic character. So, if it were to go out with a bang, I mean, retirement is on the horizon. Yeah. I can see it.”

When pressed about his retirement plans, he emphasized that he is enjoying playing the character and would like to tell many more stories in the “Slow Horses” universe. But he said his fondness for the show only makes it more likely that he’ll prioritize it over other roles moving forward.

“There’s always something that may come in, and you know, get the taste buds going but I’d be thrilled and honored to play him for the foreseeable future,” he said. “And not only that, you often see actors who are in a series and they talk about a sort of sense of family and you do get that in a movie or a play. The actors and the crew on the both ‘Slow Horses’ and ‘Dead Lions’ have been wonderful, and should we come back, it really is reconnecting with your family.”

“You know, to be able to sort of wrap it all up playing Jackson Lamb, I would consider myself very honored and very lucky to be able to do that. I would never say never.”

“Slow Horses” is now streaming on Apple TV+.

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