Fanaa- Ishq Mein Marjawan, 26th May 2022, Written Update: Pakhi’s life is at stake

Today’s episode begins with the doctor coming to check Agastya’s health. The doctor informs Yug and Meera that if the patient doesn’t get conscious in a few hours, he might go into coma. Shanaya gets worried thinking about Prema and Sameer. Pakhi visits Shanaya and consoles her. She asks her to eat as food is not their enemy. Shanaya asks Pakhi when will things get normal and Pakhi pacifies her that soon everything will be fine. Daadi expresses to Mona that their only ray of hope was Pakhi and now even she is helpless.

Pakhi visits Agastya and feels helpless. She assures Agastya to protect him and take him out of Meera’s trap. She cries hugging him. Yug comes and pulls Pakhi aside. Pakhi makes him understand that Agastya is his brother. Yug tells he is just his stepbrother and he has done no good to him. Pakhi tells him that everyone uses him because he allows people to. She adds that Meera is simply using him and she does not love him. Yug asks her to work for the party at night.

Meera invites Mantriji and Mr Sinha. Mantriji gets lured to see Shanaya. When Shanaya comes to serve him, he holds her hand. Yug and Pakhi get raged seeing this. Pakhi slaps him. Mantriji walks out cancelling the deal with Meera. Meera promises him to give Pakhi in return for signing the deal. Daadi asks Meera to be a little human and spare Pakhi. Meera tells either Pakhi or Shanaya will have to make the sacrifice. Mantriji takes Pakhi along to his house. Pakhi screams for help. Pakhi falls on the bed and tries to force himself on her.

The episode has been watched on the channel’s OTT platform.

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