Exclusive! Payal Rohatgi and Sangram Singh to tie the knot on July 9

Ever since Sangram Singh announced on social media that he would tie the knot with Payal Rohatgi, his long-time girlfriend in July, speculations have been rife over the date. It has been reported that the two will tie the knot on July 21, which is also Sangram’s birthday. However, we have now exclusively learnt that the couple will tie the knot on July 9.

Sangram says, “I am both excited and nervous. We have been together for so long.
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ka and we hope to stay happy and blessed as we embark on a new journey together. Payal and I will get married on July 9. My mother and sister helped us finalise the date. We are currently in the process of zeroing in on the venue. We will have a destination wedding, which will be a low-key affair, either in Ahmedabad or Udaipur.”

While the marriage will be an intimate ceremony, Payal and Sangram plan to host a reception party for their industry friends in Mumbai. The two met while shooting for the reality show, Survivor India, in 2011 and fell in love. The actress made her relationship with Sangram official a year later and they got engaged in February 2014. Sangram and Payal have been together for 12 years. It is not that they didn’t think of getting married earlier. However, the plan had to be put on hold.

The wrestler-actor says, “The plan had to be suspended twice because we suffered the loss of our dear ones. I always knew that I wouldn’t get a partner like Payal and it was only a matter of time before we got married. Neither Payal nor her family has ever forced me to take the plunge.
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ho gaye hain aur hamein itne saal saath mein ho gaye hain aur phir karni hai toh karni hai.”

The mantra to their successful long relationship is their understanding of each other. Sangram says, “Payal and I are like chalk and cheese. She is brutally honest and I think before I speak. But what binds us together is our understanding. A relationship isn’t all about messaging or posting ‘I love you’ for each other. A couple has its share of tiffs, which happens in every relationship, be it with your parents, siblings, or friends. I believe that aapka virodh vichaaron se hona chahiye vyakti se nahi. Payal and I follow this rule to the T. So if we fight, we reconcile in no time.
Baaki meri English
theek ho gayi hai ab jhagde English
mein hote hain. Initially, I wouldn’t understand what she said during a fight (laughs!).”

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