Come Check Out TV Sensation, Nia Sharma’s Workout Routine

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Nia Sharma, one of Asia’s hottest ladies, has previously tweeted to slam so-called “woke” celebrities who have been encouraging people to be vaccinated despite the fact that there are few slots open. “Kindly mention the name of the centres that have it readily available at the time so that people lining up in thousands for days don’t appear dumb,” she wrote in her tweet to these celebs.

Right from elaborately embroidered lehengas to relaxed casual wear, Nia never fails to look stunning. If you want to look like her, here’s a glimpse at her workout routine and eating habits.

Nia adheres to a rigorous diet and begins each day with a cup of black coffee, which detoxes and cleanses her body. She also eats home-cooked meals and avoids overindulging in junk food. In fact, because she dislikes junk food, the actress doesn’t have a cheat day or a cheat meal. During an interview with a news organization, the actress stated, “I abstain from all chocolates and junk food available. I stay as far away as possible from all the tempting food that usually tempts me. Furthermore, I make it a point to consume ‘Ghar Ka Khaana,’ which can be tedious at times but is better and more hygienic.”

She also mentioned that, while she enjoys Hakka noodles, she prefers to eat home-cooked rajma chawal! She likes to have a beautiful vegetable omelet for her breakfast and eats her dinner between 7 to 8 pm which provides her body ample time to digest the meal. Nia also avoids bloating by eating a lot of dry fruits and nuts before her events and photoshoots.

Nia doesn’t stick to a strict or high-intensity fitness routine.

She keeps it simple by jogging and going to the gym for a little workout whenever she can. She also enjoys doing strength training on occasion.

Nia also participates in CrossFit and functional training to tone her muscles and increase her stamina and strength.

Nia had previously been obsessed with her weight, and during an interview with a news outlet, she said, “Because I have kept myself in terrific shape, people have always perceived me as someone who is fit and attractive. However, there are physiological elements that cause you to gain weight over time. I’ve been terrified of becoming out of shape for the past few years. I was preoccupied with my weight and would start fussing and screaming if I gained even one lb.”

She also admitted that her entire world used to revolve around her weight concerns.

In her interview with the news daily, she also stated, “I ended up starving myself in order to look a certain way.

While I never had cheat days and adhered to a rigorous diet, there were occasions when I simply let myself go and ate too much.

And when I ate a lot, I would feel extremely guilty. So I’d try to vomit up anything I’d eaten.

This was a long-standing habit, but I now realize that was one of the worst things I ever did to myself (sic).”

She later realized that this isn’t healthy and recommended that everyone refrain from doing so as well. “I would like to tell women to stop doing this if they suffer from such fears”, she said.

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