Books about the royal family from Harry and Meghan to Prince William and the Queen are about to hit the shops

If book releases are a barometer of public interest, it seems the House of Windsor has never been more fascinating.

In 2022, a tsunami of royal reading is hitting the bookstores at an increasingly frenetic rate.

These texts range from biographies (mostly unauthorised), to celebratory tributes, scandalous exposes and serious studies. The authors are royal experts or in a couple of cases the royals themselves. But in the increasingly unreliable world of royal reporting where anyone who has watched The Crown thinks they’re an expert, which books can be trusted?

It’s a thorny issue, for while historical texts examining the royal family delve into archival documents, academic studies and carefully sought-out diaries and letters, modern examinations of the House of Windsor tend to rely on a litany of unnamed sources to back up the author’s chosen narrative.

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