Bill Gates says he would choose to marry Melinda ‘all over again’ after their divorce

Bill Gates, in a new interview, said that he would choose to marry his ex-wife Melinda all over again.

Melinda and Bill Gates (Photo: AP)

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, in a new interview, opened up about his marriage with ex-wife Melinda and said that he would choose to marry her “all over again”.

Bill Gates and Melinda had announced in May last year that they were getting divorced after 27 years of marriage.

In a conversation with The Sunday Times, Bill Gates said that they had a “great marriage”. He added that every marriage goes through transition after children grow up and leave the home. In his case, the transition was “called divorce”.

“I wouldn’t have changed it. You know, I wouldn’t choose to marry someone else,” Bill Gates said about his marriage to Melinda. “Yes. I’m talking about would I marry Melinda all over again. In terms of my future, I don’t have any plans, but I highly recommend marriage,” he said when asked if he would marry his ex-wife again.

About his current relationship with Melinda, he believes he is still friends with her. It is a “super-important, complex, close relationship” with her.

“We have the annual employee meeting at the Foundation and the Giving Pledge and the annual meeting in June that she and I host together,” Bill Gates said. “And I’m very happy that we get to work together. You know, we built the Foundation together,” he added.

In March this year, Melinda had also admitted that they were “friendly” and continued to have a working relationship.

Bill Gates and Melinda Gates got married in 1994. They have three children together.

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